We provide full and partial freight services such as:

Inland shipping and international shipping: Small cargos, medium sized cargos, large cargos, chilled cargos

Air Cargo, we deal with Airlines agents

Maritime Shipping: we deal with maritime lines agents

We handle shipping to Palestine, and 1948 territories back-to-back and door-to-door shipping we have a wide expertise in shipping from/ to Palestine.

We have agents in most regions.

- Loading, Unloading packing

We have loading, unloading and packing workers on pallet forklift towing tool.


- Commercial Services:

Issue official documents: Exporter Name + Importer Name+ Import Card+ Certificate of Origin Invoices+ tests+ change directions clearances+ transport documents.


- Clearing

We deal with clearing agents in most regions.


Our Clients:

  1. Nestle Co (Jordan Loading, unloading, transport and distribution)
  2. Nuqul Group- Fine Factory + Modal + Unium  (Inland transportation)
  3. UNRWA (Inland and Sea Freight)
  4. Munir Sukhteian Group
  5. Halwani Chips Factory – (Inland, Air, Maritime Shipping)


In addition, we provide services to many merchants and Jordanian, Arab and International Factories.